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MMAM - 2-Way Quilted Jacket

MMAM - 2-Way Quilted Jacket

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MMAM - 2-Way Quilted Jacket

The classic coat design comes in two styles with a zipper detail added to the waist. The fleece fleece material exposed in every detail provides a casual yet cozy mood. It has a relaxed standard fit and the zipper can be opened or closed to suit the wearer's needs to create a variety of unique silhouettes. High-density, thick quilting, and double-sided fleece provide warmth with a high-quality finish, and classic brown piping creates soft edges and outlines.

Zips in half at waist to create a short jacket and one could use the drawstring on the bottom half to make a skirt. 

Made in Korea

** size 38 measures 19" across under the arm and 46" long 

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