Rita & Peg

Peg is a Greyhound, ex-racer turned Shop Dog in her retirement.

Photo by Anita Nowacka Photography


Rita’s Covid Pivot - The Beginning of a Store

After spending 25 years at the iconic Baby & Co. in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood, Rita Tolbert-Sheckler founded Nido in 2020. A lifelong career in retail and growing up in a family-owned business made opening her own retail business unsurprising. However, she hadn’t actually expected to open up a store and certainly didn’t anticipate starting a new business during a pandemic. 

Having spent her entire career in retail, Rita’s experience meant much more than just selling clothes— strong and lasting relationships, getting to know clients and their personal styles, their likes and dislikes, hearing stories about the family dog, recent meals at favorite restaurants, annual vacations, and about their families.  Rita has worked with many clients beginning when they were both in college, she has dressed them through their careers, and pregnancies, and dresses their children now in several cases, all grown up with full lives of their own. 

Nido began mid-pandemic when Baby & Co. closed the doors to its storied Belltown location. At the start, Rita had a doorstep drop-off service and held weekly events via online Zoom. As the world emerged from the tragic and difficult time of Covid, Rita knew it was time to open a brick and mortar store. After considering a number of locations, Rita chose 34th Ave in Madrona. Madrona wasn’t new to Rita; she liked its old-school charm and new energy. Earl’s Barber Shop, The Facts newspaper, and The Hi-Spot (the best brunch hang-out in town!) are some of the notable historical businesses on 34th. Madrona offers a smattering of excellent retail and dining options as well. It’s a strong, vibrant community where everyone knows each other and welcomes newcomers, a special neighborhood steeped in Seattle history and community.

Nido - Naming a Business

One day after Baby & Company’s closure, Rita was out for a long run, wondering what she should name her new business, as she needed to file for a business license. Asking herself what made the many years on the corner of First Ave and Virginia so very special, she realized that it was keeping company with clients while putting together looks that she kept showing up to work for. It was like being in the nest. Nest (she thought) good idea, but it made her think of a home store. She tried it in Italian, as her daughter was in Italy and many of her favorite brands where Italian. “Nido,” that had possibilities, sounded vaguely familiar but she couldn't put her finger on it. “Nido, Nido, Nido”.  It just so happened that later that same day, Rita was in Pioneer Square to buy a gift for a friend, and ran into Gregory (a retail pal who she hadn’t seen in many years. That’s when it hit her, “Nido”, she remembered that Gregory had owned a beautiful home store named Nido 20, maybe 30 years ago. Rita chatted with Gregory and described her new store idea to him. He gave his blessing to the concept and offered the name! “Nido” it was - simple and kismet.  

Name solved, the challenge became how to fill the store. Rita reached out to the designers who she liked to sell, the ones a little off the beaten path. Rita continues to expand the collections at Nido, offering clients options from a number of designers who produce with the finest materials and have a legacy in their respective countries. A well-currated collection of Quiet Luxury in a warm and inviting space, 

In short, we believe that Nido is like being at a home (in the nest) connecting with the community while perhaps finding something fun to wear! 

Welcome to Nido, and we hope to see you soon!