Collection: Sale

Sometimes the last one in a collection is by itself for a long time- so we put it on sale in hopes it will find a home in someone's closet. Other times there's a wee bit of a fit issue, something ran too big, too small, or has a cut that just isn't right for most people... these go on sale too. Finally, there's a selling season. A cashmere sweater (as gorgeous as it may be) just isn't as appealing in 90-degree weather..... it too goes on sale.

Enjoy our little virtual Sale Rack and know that we want you to love everything from us, so we made SALE fully refundable.  It's our way of encouraging sustainability.  Buy the best your budget allows and wear it again and again and AGAIN! 

Kindly ship returns back within 30 days. 

Thank you,

All of us at Nido