Collection: Nells Nelson

Designer Sisi Li bought a one-way ticket to NYC days after immigrating from Hong Kong to Kansas. Sisi worked in restaurants until she found herself working for a French clothing company as an apprentice. Sisi's decades-long experience working with the art and industry of fashion hands-on gave her an impeccable eye for tailoring and textiles. In 2017, Sisi launched Nells Nelson with the aim of making comfortable couture clothing: "Form follows function."


Nells Nelson is inspired by and produced along the Adriatic coast La Marche region in Italy. The people who live and work there are dedicated and skilled in their craftsmanship, making Nells Nelson a company with uncompromising quality in every piece they make.


Sisi specializes in creating designs that combine minimalism with quietly dramatic detailing. Each detail in each design serves a function and a purpose. Additionally, the company is founded on luxurious, comfortable fabrics that leave you feeling pampered. Sisi uses limited-run wools, cashmeres, and silks that look elegant and solid on the outside, but feel surprisingly light to the touch. "When I feel good, I stand strong" - Sisi Li