Collection: Sweaters

A good sweater is worth every cent. If taken care of properly, they can last for years and even be passed on to future wearers. No matter where you live, having a variety of sweaters to choose from will extend the other pieces you own into more outfits. 

A heavier pullover or cardigan makes a wonderful option to wearing a coat in the milder cool weather, and when winter hits, crate a cozy barrier to the elements layered under your coat. 

Lighter-weight cardigans worn buttoned up, or open for easy on/off during varied temperatures can be a source of color and pattern thus providing a nice element of spark to an otherwise plain outfit. 

At Nido, we offer sweaters in many styles and fibers. Chunky wools in neutral colors, environmentally friendly Alpaca in bold brights, Top-of-the-line hand-painted cashmere, and one-of-a-kind, lightweight cropped cotton- we love them all!