Collection: Jewelry


 Shannon Koszyk

Shannon has been designing and producing her jewelry collection from her West Seattle studio for 15 years. Her ode to Jeanne d'Arc is seen throughout Shannon's work and her clients often refer to Shannon's jewelry as their "armor". Shannon works with materials that are ethically and locally sourced. 

Vanessa Baroni 

This bold and bright collection of retro statement jewelry was launched in Stuttgart in 2009 by Croatian/German designer Vanessa Baroni. 

The chunky plexiglass pieces are designed in Germany and made in Italy.

Francesca Lacignina 

Francesca Lacagnina was born in Italy, and from a very young age was exposed to great cities of antiquity- which cultivated the rich visual language she uses in her design aesthetic.   Francesca hand makes all her jewelry from her Seattle studio.   

Her fine jewelry is largely created using an ancient technique called Lost Wax in which she sculpts and forms her designs into wax then casts into metal. 

Francesca works in 18K and 14K yellow gold, rose gold and sterling. She loves using rose cut white and black diamonds, topaz and sapphires.  

She is always available to tell you more about her pieces and the stories behind them. You are welcome to reach out for details on how that would happen.